Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Resume on a Mobile Website

Resume on a Mobile Website

mobile business cardSend your new employer a resume on a Mobile Website. This job market has everyone looking for an edge to get hired. People are trying to come up with ideas that will make them stand out. So go mobile baby. You will stand out in the crowd and get noticed. So get your ducks in order. There are a few things you need for your site to be effective.

Here are a few successful tips to put on your site. First is to have your resume on a mobile website you need it completed and looking first class. Now break out the smartphone and produce a video of yourself talking about your resume and the benefits you can offer a company. Throw it on you tube and make sure it is professional. Next get your social media together. Get the main ones facebook, google+, twitter, and pinterest. If you do not have any of these accounts set one up.

Next step find out who has domain names for the cheapest. Search Go Daddy sometimes they have domains for .99 cents. Pick your name with either a .com or a .me. I prefer the .com because everyone can remember it. Example JoeResume.com. Take three good pictures of yourself dressed professionally or how the employer would expect you dressed. Now your ready to put your resume on a mobile website.

Your resume on a mobile website will give you that edge you need or land you a different position. You will have a few tabs for your site.
  • Resume
  • Video
  • QRS Code
  • Tap to Call Button
  • Social Media Buttons
  • facebook
  • google+
  • twitter
  • pinterest
  • Photo Slider
  • Share buttons for social media
 Your now ready to get yourself a resume on a mobile website. What happens after you land your job? You can use your mobile website as a digital business card. So if you want to sell or offer a service your all set up. No more carrying around a business card. Your mobile, professional, and ready to market yourself where ever your at. Anyone needing your business card have them take a photo of your QRS code or give them your domain name.

This is your opportunity to market yourself and could lead to more opportunities. So get your resume on a mobile website and you will have an edge in today's market place. Once you get that job drop off that resume from your mobile website and replace it with your position, your product, or service. Mobile Biz Buzz will get your resume buzzing on mobile. Your on the road to success. Good Luck and we will see you at the top.

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