Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mobile Business Card

Mobile Business Card

digital business cardWhat is a mobile business card? It is the newest form of a business card on the market. It is digital, mobile, and draws excitement. You got a card? Yes, its digital and can be seen every where in the world with an internet connection. This is the hottest form of engagement. You will be building your brand, have an edge on your competition, and never run out of business cards again. 

Who needs a mobile business card? Everybody. Not just business people any more. Stay at home dads, moms, grandpa or even grandma. Everyone will get a mobile business card. Insurance agents, lawyers, auto mechanics, affiliate marketers, any business owner, employees, sales people, realtors, plumbers, you name it and they should have a mobile business card. 

What do I need to get a mobile business card? First get your domain. Get your name either with a .com or a .me. Example SuzzyB.me. Look for the deals. Go Daddy sometimes has .99 cent domain names. Then gather up everything you want on your mobile business card. Make a video introducing yourself with your smartphone. Put your video on you tube. Next gather up all your social media site links. Take three pictures of yourself, products, or even your favorite things you like. Your all set. Check out Mobile Biz Buzz to get your card buzzing with excitement.

Lets check out some items you can have on your mobile business card.
  • Image Slider (3-4 should be the max)
  • QRS Code 
  • About You Page
  • Products or Services
  • Tap to Call Button
  • Map
  • email
  • Social Media
  • Be my friend on facebook
  • twitter
  • google+
  • pinterest
  • whatever social you desire
  • Share Buttons  
 You can see you can add whatever you like. Your mobile business card is like a mobile website. You can be in a club, function, event, talking to a prospect, or talking to your best friend. give them your digital card. You'll have people talking about you and they will pass it along. More customers, referrals, and friends that have your information at their fingertips. Most people these days are carrying smartphones. Those numbers are rising everyday. Look around and you will see people every where using smartphones.

What do most people do with business cards? Throw them away. Ever cleaned out your wallet or purse and found a ton of cards in there. More than likely you threw all those cards away or filed them and cannot even find them. With your new mobile business card people have access to you on their smartphone. Show it off. Build excitement. People love new things. Check out Mobile Biz Buzz to get your new card buzzing today. Have fun and enjoy. Move into the 21st century and go mobile. Another good note is that you have a mobile website and a desktop site when you go with Mobile Biz Buzz.

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