Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mobile Marketing | Rodney VanNortwick

online mobile marketing searchMobile Marketing | Rodney VanNortwick

Mobile marketing is a great business when you are assisting local business owners with their mobile website design, mobile coupon marketing, social media integration, and email capture. When you produce results with our effective strategy and bring customers to the local business owner you just gained instant credibility.  I really enjoy producing results for a local business owner.

I'm Rodney VanNortwick your local business consultant for mobile marketing, mobile website design, mobile coupon marketing, credit card processing, touch screen point of sale systems, desktop website design, social media integration, and local service for eastern North Carolina, I provide local service for Jacksonville, Goldsboro, Wilmington and surrounding communities.

Is your business prepared for for smart cards? We provide FREE smart card terminals and no PCI compliant fees. Your business need a point of sale check up. We have the solution. We offer hiopos, ordyx, and Globalbay.  World class touch screen point of sale systems for retail and restaurants. Is your business set up to take the new smart cards. October 2015 is the deadline. You need to be EMV compliant. Get a FREE cost analysis. Does your business want to save money?

Time to get your old desktop website updated? We have professional designers. We can customize a program that fits your budget, yet is effective. Mobile marketing is another key area to consider. Just look around and see how many people are on their smartphone. No matter where your at people have that smartphone within arms reach. They may be hungry, want to do some shopping, buy a house, buy a car, get their hair done, find a mechanic, you get the picture. You should be able to see why your business needs mobile. Mobile Website Design is a major point for mobile phone users. It has to be easy, simple, touch buttons, key features buttons like, tap to call, directions, about, menu, with photos. You want your site to load fast so easy with pictures.

Good meeting all of you interested in mobile marketing for business. Rodney VanNortwick is the local business consultant for mobile website design, merchant services, and desk top website design. Look forward in meeting you fellow business owners. It seems we are always trying to cut some expenses. I offer a FREE cost analysis for your credit card processing. Always good to get a check up now and then. We offer smart card terminals to our local businesses. I have several clients that offer me referrals. Feel feel to help me out by providing me with a few good people. Mobile marketing is fun, challenging, and will come with future rewards for your business. Anyway, if you got a local small business in eastern North Carolina give me a shout. Mobile website designer and mobile advertiser is what we do in the day time.

Rodney VanNortwick works from 9am to 5pm Monday - Friday. All holiday's off. Sometimes I go fishing, look at the scenery at the beach, enjoy a picnic, or just have fun. Just leave a message. I enjoy assisting a local business in Wilmington, Jacksonville, Goldsboro, or eastern North Carolina. We want your business to compete.


phone: 919-584-8004

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