Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Local Internet Marketing For Small Business

Local Internet Marketing for Small Business

 Can your small business be found online? This needs to be an important question that every small business owner must ask. It is so important to get your business found on the internet because you could be giving up customers by the dozens.Local internet marketing for small business is vital for every type of business. You can be online or offline. You still should incorporate this marketing strategy into your marketing campaigns. If your a local business you really want customers to be able to find you even on their mobile devices. everyone is carrying a cell phone these days. That number keeps growing.

Just a few quick things that local internet marketing for small business can do for a customer. First they can find you on their mobile device. Remember websites look a lot different on a mobile phone. So ensure that your site is mobilized. When customers are shopping, want to eat dinner, need a locksmith, trying to find a retail shop, or need new tires they are on their cell phones so make sure you are on google places. List your business not only on google, but yahoo and bing also.

Local internet marketing for small business is not as hard as some may think. Being a local business or a home business trying to establish a local presence should be a priority. Like we mentioned above get on google places. Make sure your address is correct, add some photos, include video, post your hours, and include your phone number. The more you can add will make a big difference. Anything special you do mention that also.

Another good free bit of advise for local internet marketing for small business is use some of the free advertising spots that are available online. You can get a business listing on Hot Frog, oodle, olx, craigslist, backpage and US Free Ads are just a few places that can get the word out about your business. Local internet marketing for small business does not need to be hard. You just want to have the knowledge to be effective with your marketing efforts.

Your site should be on top of the search engines in your local market. If your not quite sure what to do take some training that will get you on the right track. Make sure you get training in these subjects at a minimum. Training should include, SEO, pay per click ads, social media, article writing, keyword research, web hosting, how to make blogs, and make money blogging online. Get a good keyword research tool, join a community of internet marketers, and make sure the company that offers you the training is legitimate. You can be the judge of that. This training will bring you many successes in your internet marketing adventures. The #1 internet marketing training site has been in business over ten years and is top notch with great support.

Use your site and write a blog every couple of days. You can make money blogging online. This is a great way to reach out to customers and will enable you to get even more referrals from your blogging efforts. Local internet marketing for small business owners need to add blogging into their golf bag. It will make you extra profits that you would of other wised missed out on. Use social media as a tool for local internet marketing for your small business. Use everything that is out there to give you the edge. Take some training if necessary. It will pay off in the long run.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Text Message Advertising for Realtors

sms servive for small business
Text Message Advertising
The hottest advertising for a real estate agent is text message advertising for realtors. We found this to be a very effective way for a real estate agent to gather hot leads and a cost effective method of advertising the homes that they have listed. With almost everyone armed with a cell phone these days people want information and they want it right now. The amount of people with smart phones is growing daily. It's not just the younger generation that has these devices they are showing parents and grandparents how to use these devices. As a real estate agent you now have a tool that can show your property in a matter of second without you even being there. Text message advertising for realtors is an awesome tool that will bring your business to new levels of production.

Let's say someone is standing at a "For Sale Sign" at one of your listings. You just happen to have a rider attached to the sign that says text for more info. Remember the days of putting flyers in a little tube that you had to keep stopping by and replenish. How about rainy days and the flyers are all wet and ruined not to mentioned scattered all over the yard. This eliminates all those problems. Now this customer has instant access to most of the information of the house you have listed. Not only that, the home buyer has photos of the home and you have captured a hot prospects cell phone number. It doesn't get any easier than that. Those that use that technology can increase their sales and build a bigger list of prospects. It's simple and convenient for you and the new home buyer.

There seems to be a lot of new companies that are offering text message advertising for realtors. So we did some leg work and gather some information on this service. There seems to be two types of service. One is a short code and the other is a long code. Short code is a 5 or 6 digit #, while the long code is a local text number for your local calling area. The short codes seem to be more expensive and offer a limited amount of keywords. Usually they give you about 3 keywords. So if you have 50 listings you would have to buy more keywords. That could get very expensive. The long codes providers usually will give you say 10 - 20 per package. Both charge monthly fees. Ranging from say $30 to hundreds of dollars per month.

During our research we did however find a companies offering both short codes and long codes. We prefer the short codes as they seem to be the simplest. We will be offering sms service to all our local businesses. But first you need a smartphone website. Check out Mobile Website Designer. Text message advertising for realtors is the wave of the future. Smart phones uses are on the rise and will continue to grow each and everyday. Those that get a jump on this form of advertising will only benefit and so will the new home buyers. This service is also available to other local businesses which we will cover in later. Feel free to comment and follow us for more great news.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

#1 Internet Marketing Training Site

#1 Internet Marketing Training Site

Local internet marketing for small business can become a little over whelming. Trying to figure all the things like SEO, social media marketing, Pay per click marketing, email marketing and setting up a website or blog. Then you have hosting the site. Picking out the right domain name. Using keywords, research, and having the tools that are necessary to perform these tasks. The #1 internet marketing training site can teach you all the internet marketing techniques that you will need so your business can have a successful online campaign.

The # 1 Internet marketing training site provides all the tools that are required. They have unlimited hosting so you can have more than one blog. Unlimited blog sites, you just need a domain name. They have research tools for keyword research and getting ranked in the search engines. They explain everything in detail. It is easy to understand. They have over 400 tutorials, video's, audio files, on all the items I mentioned above. They have tons of examples on how to do pretty much everything you need to do to drive more traffic to your website.

Once in their site you will see that is packed with information you can use no matter what business your in. That's why they are the #1 internet marketing training site. They offer a free course to get you started. this course will give you the edge and teach you to drive traffic in your doors.

There are a lot of different places you will find that offer training. They are honest and let you know up front that internet marketing is no get rich scheme. it takes some work.  The one major factor is they are legitimate. They have been online for over 10 years and have trained thousands of people like you and me. They have beginners to millionaires involved in their courses. The forum they have is top notch. You can ask any question and get it answered from people that know what they are doing.

The #1 internet marketing training site is well worth the few dollars they charge compared to everyone else I've seen online. So if you need a little training in these areas check them out. I'm not a member, just like staying up on whats available in the training world online.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Free Website Traffic Generator

Trying to get more customers in the door? We can get you in the right direction with a free website traffic generator. It just takes a little effort and time. Learn some basic steps to get your website or blog off the ground. Local internet marketing for small business owners can be a challenge when you do not have or need brushing up on the important skills necessary to get found online.
As a small business owner you need all the ammunition that you can get to keep your doors open. knowledge of the internet world is a must so that you can stay competitive, keep a positive cash flow, and run an effective internet marketing campaign. You can either hire someone to do the task or you can become a do it yourself so you can save money.
Learning the internet and how to get ranked in the search engines does not require a lot of time, money, or resources. Just a few hours a week can give you the free website traffic generator that is necessary to bring in more customers so your profits will move in a forward manner.
You never know you just might turn into a mad marketer that can bring fresh new ideas that will create more traffic so you can spend a little more time with the family, or on the golf course, or fishing. Whatever it is that you like we all just we a little more time in order to do those things we enjoy. With the free website traffic generator you will gain that time once you become more effective on marketing your business on the local search engines and may even move your business into marketing on the world wide web. So take a little time to market your business more effectively with an awesome tool that will assist with your internet marketing efforts. It's a free website traffic generator that requires motivation, taking action, and some dedication. Just a tip.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Text Message Advertising - SMS Short Message Service

Text Message Advertising
The world is going mobile and your business needs to be there your miss out on the mobile revolution. People leave home with three things, there cell phone, wallet/purse, and keys to the car. Most text messages are read within four minutes. It could take some four days to read your email.
Text message advertising is a great way to bring back repeat customers to your business. There are two types of service to use SMS. Long code or a short code. The long code uses a local cell phone number and the short code uses a five or six digit number. Long codes seem to be less expensive and local customers seem to like the local phone number.

 Go Mobile and make money!

Who is using text message advertising?
1. Restaurants, pizza places, sub shops, & more
2. Bars, night clubs, sports bars & more
3. Realtors
4. Car Dealerships, RV dealerships
5. Salons and Spas
6. Retail stores
7. Businesses that need appointment reminders for their customers.
More on this subject later....just a tip