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Mobile Website Designer 

Mobile Website Design by Rodney VanNortwick
Mobile Website Designer
Does your business need a Mobile Website Designer? I'm Rodney VanNortwick and live in Goldsboro, North Carolina and am enjoying the sunshine. I can design both desktop and mobile websites but specialize in mobile website design. I work with local business owners in eastern North Carolina. We also provide local seo solutions, mobile seo, and mobile coupon advertising for local businesses all over the United States.

We have the latest mobile website designer tools and will be giving all local businesses in Goldsboro a nice discount on our mobile services. We want your local business to compete. I take mobile marketing very serious. Look around you. You will see many people carrying their smartphones. I am not going to bore you with data. Even Ray Charles could see that more and more people are using smartphones. With that said you should be able to answer the question, " Does my business need a Mobile Website Designer?" There are plenty of DIY programs that are really cheap. You only get what you pay for. Check with me and you will find that your local business is getting a bargain here in Goldsboro, NC. 

This page will be updated as I go along. As a Mobile Website Designer, I am always getting new information and I like to pass this along to my customers. This site is also a challenge from a few customers if I could get a free site ranked in the search engines and get business from it. Well we will use this site as our blogging site. Yes it is mobile optimized. It is by no means a premium mobile website. Your business has a golden opportunity to capture mobile customers. They are eager to spend their money with businesses that have a mobile website. That is your first step. Get a premium mobile website from a Mobile Website Designer that will work for your business as though it was his own. 

Don't you buy no ugly mobile website. Remember you have a sign out front with your business name on it. Mobile customers need to be able to see your sign. It comes from a mobile website. Use the kiss principle. Keep it smart & simple. We want your mobile website to be nice looking as well as being customer friendly. We all know people are using their fingers to navigate on your new mobile website. They want information fast and at the tap of a button. As a Mobile Website Designer we want to accommodate your new and existing customers. So everything that is put on your site is  prepared with customers being number 1. We also link your social media to your mobile website. We work towards getting your site ranked in the search engines. Mobile seo is a little different that desktop seo. Keep that in mind. QRS codes are also in the mix. Use them on all your advertising. 

Well, I'm going mobile and will see you soon. Call me 919-584-8004. You can also email me at I might even stop by your business and have a chat with you. That's what I do. That way I get a feel for your business. I want you to compete. Just pick up the phone or send a quick email. We need to talk. Free mobile consultation. Lets work together so your business can get your share of the mobile market.  Rodney V. Mobile Website Designer want to thank you for your time. Go where your customers go. Go Mobile! Premium Mobile Websites.

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