Saturday, December 31, 2011

Make A Video Commercial For Your Business

Make a video commercial for your business. Nothing fancy. Thirty seconds to one minute will do. You are just trying to stand out from the competition.  Take a few pictures of your business with your digital camera. The entrance, some of your product, customers, yourself, whatever you want in your little video commercial. Put it all together and break out your micro soft movie maker.
Add some music or some type written words.
Ensure you have at the beginning of your video commercial  your website displayed and your phone number. You want to do this at the end of your video commercial also. Not sure how to do this, place a free ad on craigslist. You can get someone that can do that for a small fee. Once completed ensure to ad this video commercial to your google places once completed. Then go to you tube and publish it. You can find plenty of samples on you tube. If you got the biggest burger in town show it on the video. If you got some of the nicest out fits show them. If your a church show the church. If you have the best used cars show them. If you got clean outfits for rappers show them. Whatever you have show it. This is free advertising. When you submit it to you tube make sure you use or write a good description. Include your website address and your phone number. However you want to be reached. Make sure you add in your description the city your in. You want to drive traffic to your business. It might not be a bad idea to do this once a quarter to keep fresh content online about your business. Another great way to do this is if you have a camcorder you might just want make a little live video commercial. You can talk about our business or the food you have, the services you perform. Make it fun, interesting, and creative. maybe you want to have your child in the commercial. How about employees you have, maybe you want them in the commercial. Your best waitress, your best hair dresser, your best sales lady, or your best mechanic. You get the message. Please comment and share your link to your new video commercial with us. Just a tip.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Use Google Places To Get Found Online

Millions of people everyday are looking for places to shop, eat, open a locked car, get a tire changed, and you want them to find your business.  Whatever type of business you are operating ensure you are listed with google places. Formally google maps. More local shoppers are able to find your business on their mobile device. Even the out of town shoppers. Locksmiths, restaurants, tire shops, retail stores, specialty shops, and the list could go on. The important thing is that you want your business visible to the public. It does not take a lot of time and you can reap big benefits from this one simple task that is very easy to do. Plenty of information can be included about your small business, like photos, reviews, hours of operation, videos, coupons, and a lot more. It does not cost you to use google places. Unless you hire someone to do the work for you. Some of us just don't have the time. Use it or you could be loosing valuable customers that were looking for your business. For more information on local internet marketing for small business visit street articles. Just a tip.