Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Places To Eat In Goldsboro

Places To Eat In Goldsboro

looking for something to eat in Goldsboro, NC.There are plenty of places to eat in Goldsboro, NC. Yesterday I decided to go grad a bite to eat. So I got on my mobile phone and did some searching to see where I would go. This turned into a small project. I wanted to eat at a local restaurant and not a big chain store. Out of 14 places that I looked up on my smartphone I was amazed by the results. I picked these places because they were the ones in the top search results for google. I was figuring to hurry on up and get a bite to eat. It did not turn out that way. These results that I am about to unleash could be the same in other cities as well.

Check it out! These places to eat in Goldsboro were not very mobile friendly. I would say that if you or your business does not have a mobile website you are not providing good customer service. That is correct. Let me explain. You might say you never even stepped into my restaurant. How could I? I could not even find directions or your phone number without stretching my smartphone screen. It just became a hassle. That is how your customers are feeling when they want to see your menu, or know what time you close, or just want your phone number to make reservations. Being a mobile website designer and just plain hungry I decided to go with a restaurant that had a mobile website. My choice was Dee's Diner. They had excellent customer service, fine food, and they even had a mobile website. Give them 5 stars. That is what you call great customer service. If you cannot even provide a mobile website for your customers or customers that are trying to find you what is it going to be like when we get there? Anyone without a mobile website loses a star for there rating automatically with me. This is basic marketing for small business.

Us smartphone users should let there favorite restaurants know this. It is just good business. Anyway back to the results. Out of the 14 restaurants only 2 had a mobile website. 4 restaurants did not even have a website. 4 restaurants did not even have a facebook fan page. 5 websites had broken links on their sites. 7 restaurants did not have their social media connected to their site. These were the top 14 sites on google. Most were listed with other directories. Most had directions from directories or their own website. Hard to read on mobile device when searching. If I were in a strange town and you did not have a mobile website I would X you off and go to your competition. Who hasn't done that? I am not trying to single any business owner out. But when you see results like this it is not good customer service. Wake up restaurant owners. You are losing business. I thought you were in business to make money. Look on your smartphone and look up places to eat in Goldsboro. Is your business Mobile?

Why do you have a big sign out in front of your restaurant. That is right. So people know you are there. They can see your name. That is what a Mobile Website is for your future customers. They can see your big sign. They can get directions, tap to call you, look at your menu, find your hours, or even meet your staff. Is that too much to ask for. We just want to find your restaurant. We are hungry. We want to find places to eat in Goldsboro. Being that I live here and never really paid attention to this information. I have decided to go and help these small restaurant owners out with their mobile marketing plans. I will not be charging what I charge the big city folks so all you places to eat in Goldsboro accept my advice or just keep losing customers. It is your choice. There are some great places to eat in Goldsboro, NC. I am on a mission to help your business go mobile.

I am Rodney VanNortwick and live here in Goldsboro, NC. I am a Mobile website designer, and provide local mobile advertising for my customers. I am putting together a site for a mobile directory for Goldsboro. I also have sample of mobile sites if you would like to get a feel for how a mobile site should look like. You can email me at or call me at 919-584-8004. Leave me a message because I am usually busy. I will call you back. Lets see if we can get our city mobile. Customers should demand it. Most of us have smartphones. More and more people are getting smartphones. So why are you business owners not paying attention to your customers? There are hundreds of people looking for places to eat in Goldsboro. Lets help them find a place to eat. It is simple. Thanks for taking the time and please comment.

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