Thursday, August 7, 2014

Good Morning Goldsboro - The Good News

Good Morning Goldsboro - The Good News

Good morning Goldsboro - The good news premium mobile website
People are out every where, Good Morning Goldsboro. The good news is that people of Goldsboro are out shopping, getting their nails done, running errands, and looking for local businesses right here, right now. It maybe an opportunity for local business to capture these potential customers. They are mobile. Your customers are on their smartphones looking for you.

Good morning Goldsboro. The good news is that customers have a choice where they want to shop or get a service they may need. They search with google on their mobile devices. When they get to a site, if they cannot navigate easy or find what they are looking for. What do you think they will do? That's right, x you off. Do you blame them? You must be mobile ready. They will be done until the next search.

So get your business smart phone ready. Go mobile, get a premium mobile website for starters. This will increase your profits. You must be prepared to stay in for the long haul. Build your brand.  Good morning Goldsboro businesses. The good news is that only 20% of local businesses have a mobile website. That leaves a lot of customers waiting to find your products or services. Get an edge on the competition. Go where your potential customers go. Go Mobile. Get a premium mobile website that will get your noticed, be simple for your mobile users, and build your brand for years to come.

Have you figured out that a local business needs a premium mobile website? Ask your customers or better yet. Just watch them. They are on their smart phones. The marketing is increasing day by day. It is an awesome event in history. People are connected. Good Morning Goldsboro - The Good News is that you the people want mobile websites to be mobile compatible. Easy to get around and simple navigation. We have more good news is that local businesses in Goldsboro can get a premium mobile website by contacting their local business consultant. That is Rodney VanNortwick.
Leave me a message 919-584-8004. You can send me a email:

The good news is that I like serving local business owners and assisting them to compete. Good Morning Goldsboro. We try to design premium mobile websites that are customer friendly. The simpler, easier, and faster a mobile website is the more happier your customer will be. That is a big thing to smart phone users. They want simplicity. They are your shoppers and movers spending money at local business establishments.  Treat them with what they want and they will come to your brick and mortar business. Build it and they will come. How many times you heard that? Well its time to build a base of customers from mobile. 

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