Saturday, August 30, 2014

Football News in Goldsboro

Football News in Goldsboro

Big football news in Goldsboro, North Carolina. Football Fans are starting to get their fantasy leagues in order. You can drive around town and see houses with their favorite football teams flag flying proudly. It's an exciting time of the year for us folks that love to watch NFL Football. Break out the dusters, brooms, and cleaning supplies to get your man cave ready for the upcoming season. Who is your favorite team? We have a couple of teams we will be keeping an eye on.

Carolina Panthers and the Detroit Lions are my two favorite teams. They will be playing the second week of the season. Should be a great game with the Panthers awesome defense verse the Lions aerial attack. That game will be the football news in Goldsboro that will bring tears to a lot Carolina Panther fans. We predict that Calvin Johnson will score one too many touchdowns that will bring victory to the Detroit Lions. Who do you predict will win this game? Voice your opinion in the comments section.

Why did the Carolina Panthers get rid of their great receiver Steve Smith? That was the biggest football news in Goldsboro this off season. They did pick up a nice first round draft pick with wide receiver Kevin Benjamin. This guy is just awesome. Can Cam come back from his ankle injury and have a productive year? The offense will be the question mark for our Panthers this year. Defense still looks solid. We need the offense to kick it up a notch in order for the Carolina Panthers to have a winning season. Does the offense have enough fire power? Lets hope so. They play in a very tough division.

Time to get all your gear in line. It is pretty awesome to see everyone sporting their old and new jerseys to honor their favorite teams. More football news in Goldsboro is the food that will be served. BBQ is one of the favorites in this neck of the woods. Most people love to tailgate and food is one of the biggest items that people showcase. You can do your own cooking or have it catered in. We have some of the best BBQ places in country here in town. So get your orders in and enjoy some good southern cooking. Food just seems to go with a football game. Who makes your favorite BBQ? Share your favorite spot or provide your BBQ recipe.

Riding around town and watching all the young kids playing football in their neighborhoods is fun also. You will find some talent among all these young men. I've even seen some great women playing football. We all can remember when we played those neighborhood games. Trying to be like our favorite players. That should be major football news in Goldsboro. Support our youth in their games. That can bring communities together and have a lasting impression on our young folks. So go to a high school game. Support our home town football players.

Good luck all you football fans. Lets make some football news in Goldsboro and support our teams. Look at that little league baseball team from Chicago. First young lady in a little league world series. Yes she could pitch. So go out and have some fun, eat some great BBQ, get that HDTV glowing with football, and lets make some football news in Goldsboro this year. Are you ready for some football?

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