Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Goldsboro Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Goldsboro Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Go where your customers go. Go Mobile
Have you ever searched for something online on a smartphone and all you find is desktop websites Can you see us smartphone customers trying to give the local businesses a piece of our hard earned money. We want to spend money at your location. Only thing is less than 20% of businesses even have a mobile website. So we go with whoever is mobile ready. We might have shopped at your business before but now we are on the go. We will just X you off. We got things to do, people to see, and business to take care of. If your business does not want to accommodate us smartphone users then we will shop some where else. Most desktop websites are almost useless on a mobile phone? Wake up and smell the coffee Goldsboro business owners. Your customers are mobile. Is your business?
Goldsboro, Wake up and smell the coffee.

These are new times for acquiring customers. Print, yellow pages, newspapers, radio, and a ton of other media are all declining. Why you might ask? Look around where ever you go. You will see people on their smartphones. No matter what, people will make sure they got there smartphone with them. We all have seen it. People go nuts when they cannot find the mobile phone. They are a part of our everyday life. Our children carry smartphones. Grandma packs a smartphone. Old Uncle Joe has one. The numbers of people using mobile phones is just plain crazy. Where is your cell phone? You looked, didn't you? This is an opportunity for local business owners to get a piece of the mobile market. You cannot go wrong. It is a growing market and expected to continue to grow by big percentages. Goldsboro wake up and smell the coffee. 

We all need more customers. They are just sitting there using their smartphones. It is no longer an option to be mobile. Your businesses life could depend on it. You had better start a mobile plan. Can you imagine three years from now and the mobile market doubles. Your business is still sitting there on it's behind looking at your desktop website. You look out the window and see a few other businesses just packed with customers. Wishing you would of planned better for your future. There still is time. It is still a wide open market that is expected to continue growing. It takes a little time to get ranked on google. That is where around 95% of mobile traffic is located. What happened to customer service. Isn't having a mobile website great customer service? Goldsboro wake up and smell the coffee. Business owners use your eyes. Can you see the amount of people on their mobile phone. I know people hate change. This is a time you should change or just add on to your marketing efforts. 

The smartphone users of today are just plain loaded with information that is at their fingertips. They can get a price while shopping at your location. So you and your business needs to be on top of their game. People use to go to businesses with print outs, paper coupons, and other types of media but the smartphone has enabled us to go paperless and have the world at our finger tips. You still will see some of that old media around. Businesses are paying crazy amounts of money on those old out dated methods. Take a portion of that money and invest in your businesses future. It is time, you see it, I see it, and all our customers see it. Mobile is the new. Goldsboro wake up and smell the coffee. Mobile is cost effective for local businesses. It does not happen over night to be a mobile sentation. You still have to work at it or hire someone that is a mobile expert. 

Mr Business Owner, I have pleaded my case to you to go mobile. It is on you. When I work with local business owners I want them to compete. I treat their mobile website like it was my own. I want your customers to have a great mobile experience with visiting. We want the mobile website to be smart, simple, and most of all customer friendly. Then we want search engines to be able to find us. Mobile seo is is a little different than a desktop website. We handle all of that so you can spend time running your business. Spread the word. Do not wait to mobilize your business. This is the time to plan for your future. You want more information then check this out Go Mobile. You can also send me an email or just call me 919-584-8004. My name is Rodney. Thanks for your time and support. Goldsboro wake up and smell the coffee. You might even do that with your smartphone. lol.

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