Thursday, August 21, 2014

Restaurant's in Goldsboro Smartphones cannot read your signage

Restaurant's in Goldsboro Smartphones cannot read your signage

smartphone users cannot see your business with no mobile websiteLocal restaurant's in Goldsboro smartphones cannot read your signage. Go to where you have
your signage. More than likely your sign is hanging in the front of your building. Check it out, can you read it. Sounds like a crazy question. You paid good money for that sign and now people that are mobile cannot read your sign. Look on your smartphone can you see your signage and can you read it on your mobile device. Do you get it?

Your smartphone customers cannot read your signage, restaurants in Goldsboro. Well you say that your old desktop website is working. Well does it work on a mobile device or is it effective? Fix your signage on your site so mobile users can see your business. If we cannot read your signage then we will X your business off and go to the next place that does. 

How about we go to the front of your building and just tear down your sign. You would be pretty mad and business would start dropping off. That is what you are doing to your smartphone customers. Restaurant's in Goldsboro smartphones cannot read your signage until you build them a sign. You need a mobile website. How long before you wake up and realize that your smartphone users think your restaurant is closed or cannot find your business. It is time to attract more smartphone users to your restaurant. Mobile website design is part of your signage for your business.

What does your signage look like on a mobile device? Not only are you losing business from no mobile website. But if you have a facebook page, most people view your fanpage from a mobile device. Good thing facebook has a mobile version of their site. You can link your social media site to your mobile website. Without your mobile website they cannot see your link to your social media without stretching the screen and in most cases get so pissed that they just go to another site. When are you going to get your mobile signage fixed? Restaurant's in Goldsboro smartphones cannot read your signage. We have the solution. 

We have the solution with our premium business mobile website design. We made sure that smartphone users can see, read, and tap with a customer friendly mobile website design that is also available in a desktop format. Most restaurant's in Goldsboro smartphones cannot read your signage. We take care of your signage problem. Your business needs to be mobile. It is no longer an option. If your business does not have a mobile website then you have no signage for mobile users. No signage and your business is losing money period. 

Restaurant's in Goldsboro smartphone users cannot read your signage. You can change this by contacting Mobile Website Designer Rodney VanNortwick at 919-584-8004 for a free consultation. 
Let us help you build your business a sign that is visible to your mobile users. Smartphone users are only going to keep increasing. Stop. Look around. Can you see people on smartphones? You see mobile users every where. You know it. I know it. So when you going to do something about it? Let mobile users see your restaurant or any other small business.

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