Sunday, January 1, 2012

Text Message Advertising - SMS Short Message Service

Text Message Advertising
The world is going mobile and your business needs to be there your miss out on the mobile revolution. People leave home with three things, there cell phone, wallet/purse, and keys to the car. Most text messages are read within four minutes. It could take some four days to read your email.
Text message advertising is a great way to bring back repeat customers to your business. There are two types of service to use SMS. Long code or a short code. The long code uses a local cell phone number and the short code uses a five or six digit number. Long codes seem to be less expensive and local customers seem to like the local phone number.

 Go Mobile and make money!

Who is using text message advertising?
1. Restaurants, pizza places, sub shops, & more
2. Bars, night clubs, sports bars & more
3. Realtors
4. Car Dealerships, RV dealerships
5. Salons and Spas
6. Retail stores
7. Businesses that need appointment reminders for their customers.
More on this subject later....just a tip

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