Saturday, January 7, 2012

Text Message Advertising for Realtors

sms servive for small business
Text Message Advertising
The hottest advertising for a real estate agent is text message advertising for realtors. We found this to be a very effective way for a real estate agent to gather hot leads and a cost effective method of advertising the homes that they have listed. With almost everyone armed with a cell phone these days people want information and they want it right now. The amount of people with smart phones is growing daily. It's not just the younger generation that has these devices they are showing parents and grandparents how to use these devices. As a real estate agent you now have a tool that can show your property in a matter of second without you even being there. Text message advertising for realtors is an awesome tool that will bring your business to new levels of production.

Let's say someone is standing at a "For Sale Sign" at one of your listings. You just happen to have a rider attached to the sign that says text for more info. Remember the days of putting flyers in a little tube that you had to keep stopping by and replenish. How about rainy days and the flyers are all wet and ruined not to mentioned scattered all over the yard. This eliminates all those problems. Now this customer has instant access to most of the information of the house you have listed. Not only that, the home buyer has photos of the home and you have captured a hot prospects cell phone number. It doesn't get any easier than that. Those that use that technology can increase their sales and build a bigger list of prospects. It's simple and convenient for you and the new home buyer.

There seems to be a lot of new companies that are offering text message advertising for realtors. So we did some leg work and gather some information on this service. There seems to be two types of service. One is a short code and the other is a long code. Short code is a 5 or 6 digit #, while the long code is a local text number for your local calling area. The short codes seem to be more expensive and offer a limited amount of keywords. Usually they give you about 3 keywords. So if you have 50 listings you would have to buy more keywords. That could get very expensive. The long codes providers usually will give you say 10 - 20 per package. Both charge monthly fees. Ranging from say $30 to hundreds of dollars per month.

During our research we did however find a companies offering both short codes and long codes. We prefer the short codes as they seem to be the simplest. We will be offering sms service to all our local businesses. But first you need a smartphone website. Check out Mobile Website Designer. Text message advertising for realtors is the wave of the future. Smart phones uses are on the rise and will continue to grow each and everyday. Those that get a jump on this form of advertising will only benefit and so will the new home buyers. This service is also available to other local businesses which we will cover in later. Feel free to comment and follow us for more great news.

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